10 Doable New Years Goals in 10 days

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10 Doable New Years Goals In 10 Days 

As we look at the year ahead of us it can be intimidating as we think of the momentous goals and hopes we’ve set for ourselves. When we take several smaller, intentional steps in our everyday lives we can find ourselves looking back later, amazed at the distances we ended up traveling.

This 10 goal challenge gives you a chance to experiment with incorporating smaller goals into your daily life. Have fun with this challenge and decide for yourself how smaller, intentional goals that can be incorporated into your daily life can help you move towards your larger goals for 2015.


10 Goals-10 Days Challenge:


Pick ten days and see how many of these small goals you can get through or make a list of your own and enjoy the rewards of crossing these goals of your list!


1. Do one thing for yourself that gives you pleasure and makes you feel good.


2. Take an opportunity to forgive yourself or someone else. As human beings we all make mistakes. When you find yourself stuck in the muck of your or someone else’s smaller annoying mistakes, make the compassionate decision to forgive and let go.


3. Enjoy the pleasure of your own company. Take a mindful minute to be with yourself, and your experiences in the moment as you do engage in an everyday activity.


4. Maintaining our relationships are important for our well-being but when we get caught up in our busy daily lives, our social lives can take a dive. Reconnect with someone in your life that you’ve been meaning to or wanting to connect with. Send an email, pick up the phone, or plan a get-together.


5. Pick one enjoyable activity to do that connects with your inner creativity or imagination. Doodle, read, draw, play a game, try out a new dance move, try a different way of doing an activity you do everyday, invent a joke, funny poem, or a short story for kids or loved ones.


6. Pick one physically engaging activity that you enjoy doing and do it. Swimming, walking, weight-lifting, running, dancing, re-organizing your house…the possibilities are endless. Pick something that YOU feel good about and then reap the benefits of doing it.


7. This is a three-in one. Compliment 1) someone close to you in your life 2) someone you know but aren’t close to 3) someone you don’t know.


8. Challenge yourself to see something from another perspective. When you find yourself feeling fairly convinced when looking at an issue or challenge, take a moment to consider alternative possibilities. Flexible thinking and willingness to look at new ideas, whether or not we settle on them, can help us with our ability to adapt to challenges and unexpected events in our everyday life.


9. Challenge the habit of body checking. When you catch your reflection in the mirror over the next ten days, commit to identifying one that you appreciate about yourself (appearance or otherwise).


10. Before you go to bed one night, name three things that you feel grateful for.