Handling Unmet Expectations

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Handling Unmet Expectations

(Or When You Want a Dolphin but Get a “Tuna” Pic)

My “Tuna Pic”

My Sister’s Dolphin Pic

Unmet Expectations

Sometimes you put effort into something and expect it to turn out a certain way (Dolphin Pic) and instead it turns out to be not quite what you expected or hoped for (“Tuna” Pic)
The above picture (dolphin pic) is the one my sister took at the dolphin show in Las Vegas while the other above picture (Tuna pic” is the one I took at the same show, and is pretty much representative of all the dolphin pics I snapped.
Expectations & Comparison:
Sometimes others will be putting in similar efforts as you and get the result they and you were hoping for (Dolphin Pic) and you’ll wonder why your efforts didn’t produce quite the same results (“Tuna” Pic)
Making Sense of Unmet Expectations:
How you deal with the reality when your expectations aren’t quite met, will depend in part on how you make sense of your experience (I’m an untalented photographer, maybe I had a weird angle, the other person must be 1 million times better a photographer than I am, who really cares?, interesting luck etc) in part will influence your resilience and ability to bounce back from unmet expectations of how things would be.
How I Handled My Unmet Expectations:
Me? I laughed about my unfortunate “Tuna Pics”, marveled at how much a Dolphin can look like (at least what I imagine) a Tuna looks like, and sent it to some of my loved ones and we shared a good laugh.
Could the pics turned out better? Sure. But by not fixating on what should have been different or criticizing myself, I was able to turn my photographic efforts into a funny experience that I got to share with others.