Inner Strength Mindfulness Activity

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Mindful Activity for Inner Strength

Mindfulness is a health-promoting activity.

Mindfulness can help with giving us the space to become aware of and deal effectively with our thoughts and feelings.

Mindful activities like this one can also strengthen our sense of mind-body connection.

The mindful meditation I’m sharing today is one that I’ve enjoyed using with my clients for regaining a sense of inner strength.

This activity comes from a wonderful and informative book Mindfulness for Teen Anxiety (See full reference below).

This activity can be helpful for feeling grounded and regaining a sense of inner strengthTiffany, Inspiring Pathways

 The Four Elements Script

(Adapted from: Harnessing Four Elements Activity)

We are going to begin by standing with both feet, shoulder width apart, arms by your sides and open, your head aligned with your neck and aligned with your back. Once you’ve found a comfortable position, find a place to rest your gaze or if you feel okay doing so, you can close your eyes.

Now as you stand with your feet steady and firm against the ground, turn your attention to your breath. Follow your natural breath without trying to change it as you inhale…and as you exhale… in… and out….

Earth Element:

We are going to start with the earth element. Gently shift your attention to your feet, feeling them rooted deeply into the earth like the roots of a tree. You are making contact with the earth, the first element. The earth is solid and will hold you stable. Feel the earth beneath you…imagine roots extending out from the bottoms of your feet burrowing deep into the earth….

Air Element:

Next, we move to the air element. Feel the air as it flows naturally in and out of your nostrils. Air makes us free…independent…Air represents the power of our minds, blowing away our fears. Feel your chest and belly open and expand with each breath…

Water Element:

Connected now with the air we move on to the water element. Take a moment to just swallow the saliva in your mouth and follow it down into your belly…The water element flows…settles… reflects. Feel the natural stillness…calm..and reflection here…

Fire Element:

Lastly, we move onto the fire element. Turn your attention to the energy that comes from deep inside your body. This is the fire of life that gives us confidence…the fire that gives us energy and strength…. that gives us power in the world….

Connection with Four Elements:

Take a moment now to connect with each element: earth with its stability….air of independence…water of reflection…and fire of life.

Now return your attention to your breath…following the natural flow as you breathe in…and out…continue to follow your breath….now expand your awareness to your body….Your feet planted firmly on the ground, your arms by your sides, hands open, your neck aligned with your back….You’re steady, grounded….when you’re ready expand your attention again so that you come back into the room and open your eyes .


The original activity is from The Mindfulness Workbook for Teen Anxiety by Dr. Christopher Willard © New Harbinger Publications, 2014.

The un-adapted activity can also be found online at