Welcome to Nourished Living

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Welcome to Nourished Living


What is the Nourished Living Program?

Nourished Living is a 7 week program that aims to promote positive body image and self-esteem.

You will complete a variety of activities and reflections each week to help you explore healthy body image, promote positive self-esteem, move towards a holistic approach to well-being, learn skills & positive coping tools that can be applied in your daily life.

To encourage your learning you will have the opportunity to schedule 3 phone or Skype review sessions (maximum 1/2 hour) with a counsellor. You will also have limited access to a counsellor to help encourage insight & reflection as you work through the 7 week program.

Who is This Program For?

This program is designed for people who are dissatisfied with or would like to enhance their body image and self-esteem.

This program may be especially relevant for:

  • People who have struggled with body image issues or are experiencing body dissatisfaction
  • People who are tired of dieting mentalities and are looking for alternatives to nourish their well-being.

What Are the Benefits? 

  • You will receive downloadable weekly activities that aim to enhance positive body image & self-esteem.
  • You will have 3 scheduled phone/skype review sessions with a Canadian Certified Counsellor to guidance and to enhance learning
  • You will have limited email access to a Certified Canadian Counsellor for guidance and answers to your questions as you work through the program

Have Questions or Ready to Get Started?
Contact Us through our contact page or email us at info@inspiringpathways.com

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