Your Best Beach Body Ready Plan!

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Unlike other beach-body ready plans, this plan does not require you to follow strict exercise or nutrition rules. No sucking it in, sweaty cleavage, tears at the refrigerator, or hangry mood swings required here!


This plan recognizes that yes, some of the women at the beach this year will look like those women in the usual “beach body ready” ads. There will also be women of other diverse sizes, heights, and ages. This plan recognizes that this is normal and this diversity is a good thing.


If this plan isn’t about how I look in my bikini, you might ask, how are you getting me beach body ready? Don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave your bikini straps twisting in the wind. This functional beach body ready plan is designed to help you feel great and get you ready to soak in the summer sun.


Check out our “beach body” ready plan here:


Sleep: Not only does sleep prevent walking-zombie syndrome, sleep contributes to immune system function, tissue repair, and muscle growth. So get those zzz’s and feel rested and well enough to enjoy your day at the beach (and avoid waking up to find yourself buried in sand, sporting a mermaid tail and seaweed hairdo).


Relax: Take care of your body and mind. Relaxation has been thought to decrease blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, and reduce stress. Practice relaxation techniques and take care of your stress so that you can truly enjoy your days in the sun.


Hydrate: Drink up and feel good from the inside out. Staying hydrated is important for maintaining body function, including body temperature control, digestion, and flushing waste and toxins from your body. It also prevents fluid retention from dehydration and may even contribute to a healthy skin glow. We’re tasting those iced cold drinks already.


Get Moving: Physical activity strengthens muscles, improves mood and emotional resilience, increases energy, and supports our ability to do our everyday activities. Get active and get ready for those long walks along the beach, lifting those heavy picnic coolers, and splashing around in the water, and of course, doing the rotisserie rotation.


Enjoy Feel-Good Foods: Glow from the inside out. Enjoy tasty, nutritious foods that taste good and help you to feel good after you eat them. These choices can help to boost your confidence as you actively care for and nourish your body.


Be Mindful: Mindfulness not only increases our ability not to get swept up by emotions or thoughts and reconnect with our inner selves, mindfulness has also been associated with improvement in body acceptance. Get your mindfulness on and don’t let body-shaming messages prevent you from having your fun in the sun.